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About Raezyn

A brief autobiography, not that you asked for it…

Hello! My name is Michelle. I was born with the middle name Rae, which easily lent itself to the self-imposed nickname “Raezyn.” Plus the more comical, family-imposed nickname:

“Raezyn Bran.”

I was born and raised in northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, DC. You can tell that I am local to the DC Metro area because:

1) I always specify that I am from Northern Virginia;

2) I try at all costs to not venture into Maryland; and

3) I scream at tourists, “Stop taking pictures of the Washington Monument and get out of the street or I’ll run you over!”

I decided to become a rapper in high school. I formed the musical group “Raezyn and the Raezynettes” and released one self-titled album with limited distribution (I burned about 20 copies and forced my friends to buy them). Explosive hits such as “The Hot Guy Song” and “I’m a-Throwin’” could not disguise my lack of rhythm and general musical ability. Therefore, I retired from music and moved on to alternate career paths.

I am awesome at my job.

I have issues with self-esteem, sarcasm, and bonding with other women. I am easily distracted and become bored easily in social situations because I am smarter and more creative than everyone around me (Are we friends yet?)

Fortunately for me, people seem to find my sarcasm funny. Which brings us here today.

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