Frequently Asked Questions



What is This?

This is the “Frequently Asked Questions” page of RAEZYN, formerly known as “Funny or Crazy?” You can ask me a question at the bottom of the page!

What is the Purpose of RAEZYN?

I want to make you laugh!! This hilarious blog features the writings & musings of comedian “Raezyn.”  You will find a variety of humorous material including observations, anecdotes, how-to guides, creative writings and much more! Read my work now before I become too famous to give laughter away for free.

Who is Raezyn?

I am a funny and/or crazy adult female.  Learn more about me on the About Raezyn page!

What is that yellow thing??

It’s my LEGO tribute to Mr. Happy, from the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series by Robert Hargreaves. I designed and built him myself.  I hope he doesn’t look too creepy on the Internet…

Why am I Reading This?

Apparently you’re either confused or you don’t have anything better to do.