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  • The Battle is Won

    Say to those suffering anxiety:

    Who will stand for them?

    Who will deliver them?

    Who has promised them and has already completed the promise?

    Bring it to their remembrance: Almighty God has done these things.

    He has fought the battle, and won.

    So go forth and walk into your victory.

    The armies of Heaven surround us.

    Of whom shall we be afraid?

    His angels wait upon his word to fulfill it. With great strength and veracity.

    His word shall not return void.

    You are his children, under his protection.

    The battle has already been won.

    Glory hallelujah to the Lord God of hosts!

    Tell them who has secured the victory this day.

    None but the Lord God himself,

    He has done these things.

    So shout boldly!

    And shout from every mountain, every platform,

    The name of the Lord Jesus.

    And like a flood, the battle is won.

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I’m Running Away!

This is the longest workday eveeeer!  I’m ready to run away.  I packed up all my stuff. Every time I get ready to make a break for it, my boss walks by.  She doesn’t say anything – but there she is again.  She must have a sixth sense for potential escapees or something. 8 hours is so … Continue reading I’m Running Away!

I’m Not Dead

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Less Bad > More Bad

From The Daily Show: Comedian Larry David wants all of the “whiners” to understand that President Barack Obama’s first term was less bad than it could have been! Please enjoy this satirical campaign video in which Larry David defends the Obama Doctrine that “less bad” is better than “more bad.” Video ==>> Barack Obama: It Could … Continue reading Less Bad > More Bad


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