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  • Take the Land

    Shout with one voice, with one accord

    And the walls will come crashing down.

    Rejoice! For the victory is ours already. 

    We shall take the land.

    Walk into it and take it! 

    Take it now.

    Do not doubt what I have given to you.

    It is yours, I have declared it.

    I have designated it from the beginning.

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I’m Not Dead

Wow, those two weeks went by quickly!  I haven’t had time to do much of anything lately.  Between working full-time and yelling at my husband, who has time to write? I’m kidding.  The real reason that I haven’t posted anything is because it’s hard to write a coherent blog post when you’re drunk.  I decided … Continue reading I’m Not Dead

Less Bad > More Bad

From The Daily Show: Comedian Larry David wants all of the “whiners” to understand that President Barack Obama’s first term was less bad than it could have been! Please enjoy this satirical campaign video in which Larry David defends the Obama Doctrine that “less bad” is better than “more bad.” Video ==>> Barack Obama: It Could … Continue reading Less Bad > More Bad

Raezyn’s on the Mic

My life changed last weekend! I attended a Stand-Up Comedy Seminar and my 12 classmates were privileged to behold my premier stand-up comedy performance. The seminar was taught by comedian Joe Matarese. When he called my name, I jumped up and pranced to the center of the stage. I looked up at the microphone, looming … Continue reading Raezyn’s on the Mic


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