Take the Land

Shout with one voice, with one accord

And the walls will come crashing down.

Rejoice! For the victory is ours already. 

We shall take the land.

Walk into it and take it! 

Take it now.

Do not doubt what I have given to you.

It is yours, I have declared it.

I have designated it from the beginning.

Does Anyone Love God?

I have spent two days crying. The state of the United States has been trying. Spiritually and Emotionally. I don’t believe that God would leave the country over to reprobation just yet. But with the rioting, the slander, the lying and deception, 2020 has been a telling year.

The majority of the world is lost.

Some aren’t even trying to find God anymore. They have flat out rejected him.

Others are looking for God, but they can’t find him. There are too many roadblocks. 

Others have found God but they don’t love him. They live independently of his word. Or they live by his word but they are afraid to let anyone know. They don’t want to be labeled, or rediculed, or rejected. So they hide their light. And they are part of the problem. Because they prevent others from finding God.

How many people have found God, and truly love him? I am praying that they would be found. That God would give them boldness to make themselves known. We need them now.


I look to God but it is not enough.
He holds out his hand and I grasp it halfheartedly.
I haven’t lost faith, but where is my faith?
I struggle to stay focused.

What can break down this wall that was built?
A separation between us that can be felt.
Only devotion.

He doesn’t turn his back on me
Though I have abandoned him.
He calls out; I turn back toward him.
The answer I’ve been looking for.

Jesus is King

At this time, In this time.

We need a voice.

A bold voice, fearless and secure.

In the One.

Jesus works miracles. 

An album that speaks to your heart is hard to find.

How many artists have a purpose? A real message?

Kanye prayed for me.

And I am free.

Free from the fear of man.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is King. 

Jesus is King” is a 2019 studio album by self-proclaimed greatest artist of all time, Kanye West.

Vision of a Place

I see a place with rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. The sky is a brilliant orange like the sunrise. Fluffy white clouds float above the horizon.

At the base of the hills sits a lake. The water is still, crystal blue. A school of fish jumps over the water, like wingless flying fish. There is no splash as they break the surface of the water. The fish are every color of the rainbow.

Beyond the hills is a bright paradise: The Garden of Eden. A gentle breeze blows, but it does not chill. There is peace, a gentle calm.

I don’t have a house in this place. The garden is my home.

God takes my hands and guides me to the garden. He seats me at the table. He tells me to partake of all that I see. He has given it to me.

He takes me to a place to look upon the galaxies.

Each galaxy is contained within a window. And I can see them all at once. I stand on the deck of a space ship, selecting a galaxy to visit.

Blue galaxy, green galaxy, orange, blue. Each galaxy is vibrant and contained within its window.

I enter a galaxy and the galaxy is underneath my feet. The stars and planets are around me and I can mold them to my will. I change the shape of a planet; from sphere, to square. I change it back to the way it was.

God’s design is perfect.