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  • Jesus is King

    At this time, In this time.

    We need a voice.

    A bold voice, fearless and secure.

    In the One.

    Jesus works miracles. 

    An album that speaks to your heart is hard to find.

    How many artists have a purpose? A real message?

    Kanye prayed for me.

    And I am free.

    Free from the fear of man.

    Jesus is Lord.

    Jesus is King. 

    Jesus is King” is a 2019 studio album by self-proclaimed greatest artist of all time, Kanye West.

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U.S. Army man holding Bible

Soldiers Rejoice

Every soldier rejoice!
Your hands are washed clean
Washed in the blood of the Lamb.
He gave himself for us
So that we can be free.
God bless his holy name.

a sad black gorilla

Who is mankind?

Do people really believe that mankind evolved from apes?
How does a people forget who they are? From whom they descended?


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