Vision of a Place

I see a place with rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. The sky is a brilliant orange like the sunrise. Fluffy white clouds float above the horizon.

At the base of the hills sits a lake. The water is still, crystal blue. A school of fish jumps over the water, like wingless flying fish. There is no splash as they break the surface of the water. The fish are every color of the rainbow.

Beyond the hills is a bright paradise: The Garden of Eden. A gentle breeze blows, but it does not chill. There is peace, a gentle calm.

I don’t have a house in this place. The garden is my home.

God takes my hands and guides me to the garden. He seats me at the table. He tells me to partake of all that I see. He has given it to me.

He takes me to a place to look upon the galaxies.

Each galaxy is contained within a window. And I can see them all at once. I stand on the deck of a space ship, selecting a galaxy to visit.

Blue galaxy, green galaxy, orange, blue. Each galaxy is vibrant and contained within its window.

I enter a galaxy and the galaxy is underneath my feet. The stars and planets are around me and I can mold them to my will. I change the shape of a planet; from sphere, to square. I change it back to the way it was.

God’s design is perfect.