The sunrise is God’s reward to the early riser.
As day breaks the light shines, driving away darkness,
Replacing dark with gold and red and purple.
The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.
As a beacon of change.
An announcement that things will never be the way they were before.
Arise, daughter.
As day breaks I clear a path for you.
Walk in the light. It will not fade to darkness.
As perfected love casts out evil, so the light overcomes darkness.
What lingered in the shadows is revealed. It cannot hide anymore.
Go forth into a new time, a new day, a new season.
With the daybreak.

Soldiers Rejoice

Come, enter the light.
You belong inside
Jesus, the gate to eternity.
We will live and not die
when we come inside
His holy kingdom.

Every soldier rejoice!
Your hands are washed clean
Washed in the blood of the Lamb.
He gave himself for us
So that we can be free.
God bless his holy name.

Stop punishing yourself.
Wake up! Your King has arrived.
He bore it all for you.
You are worth the best of Heaven
Brought down to serve.