God’s Desire

God’s glory is in the clouds;
His love is in the sky.
With love He created fruit,
Sweet to eat and good for nourishment.
The love and care He has for creation.
The Lord Almighty is thinking of me
Expressing His love each day.
With grace, He generously gives all.
How much can I receive?
Heaven overflows with blessings.
They are available to partake.
If we know that they are ours,
Are we bold enough to ask for them?
Please come, He wants to give it to you.
You are His desire.

My Jokes Aren’t Funny

My jokes aren’t funny.
When I perform them for people nobody laughs.
While I smile no one snickers, not even a grin.

I wrote a story that I thought was creative.
It wasn’t.
It was boring and the plot didn’t make sense.

I wrote a screenplay that I thought was hilarious.
I showed it to an actor who was perfect for the lead.
He dropped it in the shredder.

I gave a presentation.
Nobody listened.
A few people looked at their watches, others slept.

I wrote a poem. I thought it was clever.
My husband got mad when I recited it.
I was standing in front of the television
And my poem didn’t rhyme.