Learn the Proper Words for your Private Parts


This delightful song teaches children the proper names for their private parts! Please enjoy this video clip “Proper Words,” from “Strong Kids, Safe Kids” (1984) starring Henry “The Fonz” Winkler.

The lyrics, just in case you need clarification:



Vulva. Is what girls have down below. Vulva, when she’s naked it will show. All girls have a vulva, so no matter what you’ve heard, remember that vulva, is the proper word.

Both boys and girls have breasts, each person recognizes. They’re found upon our chests, and grow to different sizes.

Our anus, is a useful thing indeed. The anus, gives relief in time of need. We all have an anus, so no matter what you’ve heard, remember that anus, is the proper word. So don’t be appalled, cause that’s what they’re called, and each of them’s a proper word!”

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