R.I.P. Dearly Missed

gravestones in a cemetery

It began like any other Tuesday, but ended as the most devastating day of the week.

I was at work, finishing off the last spoonful of oatmeal from my trusty coffee mug. This was no ordinary coffee mug. My employer had graciously bestowed it upon me as a gift during my first week on the job. Since then, it has served me well as a reliable vessel for hot water, tea, soup, and the occasional serving of breakfast cereal.

I was walking back from the kitchen, freshly washed mug in hand. At my desk, I shook the mug to remove the lingering droplets of water, thoughts distracted by my next task. Suddenly, the mug slipped from my hand. My mouth silently formed a horrified “NO” as I watched my friend fall. A loud “DAMMIT!” erupted through the office as white ceramic scattered across the floor. I cried.

I had lost everything in a moment of carelessness. I paused and glanced around at my office mates, ready to apologize for my momentary indiscretion. No one looked up to witness the commotion. Phone conversations continued uninterrupted. I heard the casual typing of a nearby keyboard. Nobody cared.

I must be invisible. Invisible and mute. Feeling a huge wave of heartbreak and no one available to comfort me. People working all around me but I am alone in my grief.

I somberly knelt to scoop up the fragments of my fallen comrade. ‘Why me?’ I thought, ‘Why us?’ Our time together was abruptly cut short months after it began.

I slowly dropped the ceramic into the trashcan as I said my last goodbye.

Rest in pieces, little one.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dearly Missed

  1. Raezyn,

    “All I got to say is that they don’t really care about us!” Your co-workers are mean for carrying on with business as usual. This example of a crazy situation because no asked if you were okay or needed any help. They heard you cuss and fuss louder than you have ever done in the office. No one was concerned, no one stopped by. Crazy their indifference to the sudden death of your mug does not show a strong kindness for their fellow man. I love the fact that you have a tombstone for your beloved mug. Not many of us would have taken the time to remember the good times we shared with dishware. However, you clearly stated why it was important and I was angry that no one came to console you on your day of misfortune. Good luck dealing with those haters Raezyn, you are going to need it! Enjoyed the post:)

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